BTS Ecosystem

BTS Token

The BitSatoshi (BTS) token is a utility cryptocurrency used within the BTS platform ecosystem; it is developed on the basis of BTS blockchain technology and can be used as currency for payments in various systems.

- Coin Name: BitSatoshi

- Coin Symbol: BTSH

- Consensus method: HPoS

- Block creation time: Generates 1 block per 0.5 sec.

- TPS: Avg. 3,000

- Coin issue volume: 21,000,000

BTS Multi-Wallet

BitSatoshi (BTS) Multi-Wallet is a software developed to enable on-/off-line payment using BTS tokens. Multi-Wallet can be considered a basic application that guarantees anonymity and stability of the cryptocurrency transactions.

BTS Multi-Wallet provides not only BTS tokens but also a standard interface so that users can easily load various distributed applications through the BTS network; it can store and view market prices of other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and etc. In addition, by providing a user interface where users can convert mileage, points, and coupons generated during the payment process into BTS tokens, it will lay the foundation for coexistence of users and partners.

BTS Multi-Payment System


BitSatoshi (BTS) POS is a retail POS application for offline payment in BTS token. When a user scans a QR code or barcode using the BTS wallet, it connects with the BTS POS to make real-time payment.

BTS IC Card & BTS Mobile Card

The BitSatoshi (BTS) Card is a real plastic card, with which you can use BTS tokens and accumulate points in various facilities without separate wallet software. BTS Card is usable 24/7, and the stored assets are retained as cryptocurrencies and can be used like cash for payment. You can also convert the tokens into cash and withdraw the converted cash from ATM machines; this way the use of BTS tokens can be maximized.


As of December 2018, there are about 4,000 cryptocurrency ATMs installed and operated around the world; cryptocurrencies can be converted into fiat currencies and withdrawn through these ATMs.


International Cryptocurrency Exchange

BitSatoshi (BTS) will be listed on an international cryptocurrency exchange that has been officially licensed and opened for global services. The exchange operates a security application that provides notifications on usage records to users in real time or promptly suspends transactions to prevent hacking; this clearly shows how much the exchange cares about security. The exchange has established a complete security system.

International Cryptocurrency Mining Exchange

As mentioned earlier, BitSatoshi (BTS) will also joins an international cryptocurrency mining exchange. By doing so, BTS will mine and airdrop its tokens and make it compatible with an intermediary token of the mining exchange in order to expand its user base.


The current BitSatoshi's MainNet will be built soon. The MainNet will be safer and more convenient for handling business transactions thanks to the enhanced security, reinforced personal information protection, and implementation of intelligent smart contract system.

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