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BTS Blockchain System

The BTS Blockchain System is a blockchain based on Hybrid Proof of Stake (HPoS) algorithm; its pursues to be a high-performance dApp platform that supports millions of users, free availability, easy upgrades and troubleshooting, short latency, fast sequential/parallel processing.

The BTS Blockchain System's directions:

  • Generation of blocks through the HPoS agreement ensures the best TPS among blockchain platforms

  • Users do not pay commissions by eliminating the transaction fee model

  • Management of permissions with the account-based model and adoption of blockchain governance structure

  • Emergence of more than 1,000 commercial dApps using the dedicated dAapp platform

  • Scalability to support inter-blockchain communications

BTS Technology Architecture

The BitSatoshi (BTS) platform focuses on providing a rapid development and seamless service environment. To his end, it plans to secure the BTSX.IO application stack.

The BTSX.IO application stack's directions are as follows, and the BTS platform will progressively evolve along with the development phases of BTSX.IO.



A decentralized file system designed to allow users on the Internet to access and store files permanently from any browser. It is a service provided by block creators for people with coins designed based on IPFS. The BTS.IO block creators not only replicate/host the coin holder's files on the IPFS network, but also provide an https endpoint so that everyone can access the file via in browser.


Query Service

The API that can query the state of the blockchain database on behalf of the applications (except file hosting) can be configured as a combination of Graph QL and custom web assembly-based queries; this allows applications to obtain the information they need without having to run and maintain scalable hosting services.


Customized Management

This operates a customized resource management and application infrastructure. It provides management capabilities to prevent applications from abusing bandwidth, operations, and storage in both the blockchain and the interface. Even when a separate function or infrastructure is needed, it provides extensibility through APIs and query services.


Platform Architecture

There are 4 layers on the BTS platform:

  • Blockchain Tool: Basic architecture including database, network, block format, and consensus algorithms.

  • BTS Core: Layer for integrated authentication, coin systems, reward engines and wallets

  • BTS Open Platform: Platform API equipped with integrated payment content, user information management, networking, etc.

  • Application: dApps created by the developer on the BTS platform

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